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God of War will have mode with performance improvements in PS4 Pro

Barlog says the exclusive looks amazing in 4K

It is a fact that God of War will have graphics improvements in PlayStation 4 Pro that will allow owners of a 4K screen to enjoy it in this resolution, but what about those who only have a 1080p screen? The good news is that Santa Monica Studios did not forget them since it will also have a mode with performance improvements.

We know this because Cory Barlog, director of God of War, revealed it on his Twitter account. In this social network, the creative was questioned on whether it is necessary to have a PS4 Pro to enjoy the new God of War. Given this, the creative replied no, but said the power of the new console allows them to have visuals in 4K or present performance improvements.

"No, [you do not need a PS4 Pro to enjoy God of War ], but if you do 4K it's amazing. If you do not have it, we have a performance mode that takes advantage of the additional power to make the game run better, "he said.

Later, another fan asked him to clarify if this mode was exclusive for PS4 Pro and explain well its operation, to which Barlog replied: "It is exclusive to PlayStation 4 Pro. If you play it in 1080p in the Pro will use the power normally destined to render it in 4K to make it run faster. It looks and moves much better. "

It is important to note that Barlog did not specify if this refers to God of War can run at a higher rate of frames per second in PS4 Pro. That said, his words seem to indicate that it will simply be an improvement that will allow more performance stable. We will keep an eye on you and inform you when we have more details about it.

In other news, members of the God of War development team confessed that some elements of their level design are inspired by Bloodborne, the exclusive that From Software developed for PlayStation 4. On the other hand, we think you'll be interested to know that Kratos was close to being out of this delivery, have you seen why? To finish, we tell you that this title will have several easters eggs and secrets.

God of War will arrive on April 20 exclusively for PlayStation 4. 


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