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God of War: Its director returns to defend the games for a player

Cory Barlog recognizes inspiration in the fantasy films of the 80s.

Once again the director of PS4's spectacular God of War has jumped into the fray to defend single-player video games, because of its ability to immerse you in exciting fantasy worlds. Precisely, acknowledges Cory Barlog, the cinema of the eighties served as inspiration when working in the video game industry.

"It 's a surprisingly complete world showing a fantastic picture of a land you do not know. Legend, Labyrinth, Ladyhawke and any film 80 with an L in the title. These films, " says the creation of Santa Monica Studio, "they formed me and they still inspire me". For that reason, adds the one that was also director of the great God of War 2, "they are great the titles for a player".

"I feel like I still enjoy that experience I had at school when I thought I could not stand the desire to get home because I was going to be transported to a totally different world." The 80s fantasy movies explain Cory Barlog, "They are an inspiration." One of the most impact caused by the creative is The Endless Story.

"People laugh when I say it's an inspiration because they think it's a children's movie, and I say, 'No, it's an awesome movie.' It's amazing to enter a world we do not know, and that inspires me." adds the creative Santa Monica Studio, which recently allowed us to enjoy his video game and as we tell you in our first impressions of God of War. Barlog also appreciates the ease with which single-player games allow you to make the leap to their worlds.

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