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Ghost of a Tale is updated and receives many improvements

Fixes errors and restores the user interface after leaving photo mode.

The remarkable Ghost of a Tale has received an important update that corrects some errors and generally improves the gaming experience of this fantastic adventure that, days ago, was released on PC with great success after years of development.

The improvements introduced by the patch published by SeithCG range from those related to the sound section, with the activation of environmental sound in catacombs, large halls or docks among other spaces, through the restoration of the user interface after leaving the Photo Mode, the resolution of problems linked to the camera, which after loading the game, sometimes positioned too close to the protagonist, or improves the sound in the dialogues.

The creative team after this spectacular adventure, which has shared with the fans all the improvements of the new patch of Ghost of a Tale, has apologized for the mistakes that players have found in these early days. "In case some of you wonder why those bugs were there from the beginning ... the answer is simple: a dozen people testing the game for two months is simply not a match for thousands of players playing at the same time", warn in his official statement.

"Today, exactly 11 days after the launch, the game is what it should have been from the beginning," adds the SeithCG team. Let this serve as an excuse for players who felt that the game was not up to technical standards when it was released, and an invitation for those who have been waiting to visit the world of Ghost of a Tale!

If you do not know this formidable adventure, in the analysis of Ghost of a Tale we talk about the great virtues of a "special" video game, a very personal work with an incredible level and artistic design that immerses you perfectly in the world you propose ". The SeithCG game is scheduled to be released later on Xbox One and PS4.

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