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Geralt de Rivia could have a cameo in a new title

Will we see the protagonist of The Witcher in Soulcalibur VI?

Cameos in the world of video games are not uncommon. Apparently, CD Projekt RED prepares a special participation of Geralt de Rivia, the protagonist of The Witcher, in a new title for this year.

This was suggested by Marcin Momot, in charge of the CD Projekt RED community, through a publication on his Twitter account. The member of the study published an image of Geralt along with a message that leaves the doors open to this possibility.

"What would happen if Geralt were to leave [ The Witcher ] for the first time to make an appearance in a game that will come later this year?" Momot wrote. At the moment there is nothing confirmed, so we recommend not to get too excited.

However, the community thinks that Geralt will have a cameo this year. Without thinking much, the players bet that the sorcerer will be a guest character in Soulcalibur VI . Especially since Bandai Namco distributed several installments of The Witcher in Europe and Australia.

Other players estimate that Geralt will have a special appearance in Final Fantasy XV or in Monster Hunter World. Even some fans joked with an alleged karts title of The Witcher and the arrival of the character Super Smash Bros.

CD Projekt RED has not confirmed anything so far, so keep in mind that the above are only theories on the part of the players. For now, we do not have the certainty of whether Geralt will appear in a new game this year, but without a doubt, the idea is to the liking of the community.

In related news, the Witcher series is on the right track, as the script of its pilot chapter is complete. On the other hand, the scriptwriter of this Netflix production confirmed some of the characters that we will see in the series. If you like the figures, you may be interested in adding this Ciri article to your collection.

Would you like to see a cameo by Geralt de Rivia? In what title do you think this popular character appears? Leave us your comment.


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