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Games News - Your Xbox One may be revealing your personal information without permission

Microsoft is already investigating the situation

A few hours ago, a reddit user alerted the Xbox One community to announce a discovery that made his hair stand on end: his real name had been made public on Xbox One even though he never accepted this configuration. That's not all, since it was reported that the full name of several of his Xbox LIVE friends also appeared.

So, players at sites like ResetEra and reddit started investigating the situation and discovered that some of their privacy preferences changed without notice. Before this, some members of the writing of LEVEL UP reviewed our configuration and there we saw that it appeared that we had selected to share our real name, although originally the option was blocked.

To make sure that your Xbox One is not revealing your name without your consent, we recommend that you visit the configuration page . From there you should look for the options "Share my real name (Xbox One only)" and "Share my real name with friends of my friends (Xbox One only)" to make sure they are in the configuration you prefer.

As you imagine, all the noise that caused this situation has already caught the attention of Microsoft: "Team, we are investigating this situation. Thank you for your reports and patience, "the company said on reddit .

And you, were you affected by this situation? Did you notice that the real name of your friends started appearing on Xbox LIVE? Tell us in the comments.


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