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Games News - Update for Xbox One will add support for 1440p resolution

Players can share control in Mixer transmissions

Soon, Microsoft will release the new spring update for Xbox One, which will include interesting features, such as new resolution, sound enhancements and options for Mixer lovers.

Thus, Microsoft reported that Xbox One S and Xbox One X will have support for 1440p resolution in games and multimedia. This option, also known as "2560x1440" and "QHD", is popular among PC users as it allows 1.5 million pixels more than 1080p. This resolution is between Full HD and 4K.

In addition, the console will have new audio options. For those who prefer to listen to music while playing, they can find a small menu in the Xbox Guide to balance the game's audio with background music when using services such as Spotify. Also, Microsoft completely renewed the system sounds of the Xbox One to add "spatial audio", so the audio signals of the systems with surround sound will match the screen actions.

There is also news for players who use Mixer, as this new update will add the option "Share Controller", which will allow "share" the control of Xbox One with a viewer. "The streamers can share their full control (except the Xbox button) in the Xbox game they are playing, and a viewer can take control through the gamepad on the screen or by connecting a command to their PC," Microsoft wrote. "The spectator and the streamer can lock together in the game, or the spectator can cause problems, resulting in a hilarious chaos, it's your choice!"

But there is more for Mixer users. With the new update, the transmissions will no longer be canceled when the players decide to change the title. The stream will only stop while the streamer changes game or exits to the dashboard. Meanwhile, the viewers will see a pause screen, and they will know they will have to wait until the transmission resumes. It will also be possible to start a stream in Mixer from anywhere on Xbox One, be it the dashboard, a load screen of a game or inside it.

For its part, the Microsoft Edge browser will be updated to have a new look but with familiar features. According to the company, they have doubled the program's ability to easily navigate with a command. In addition, it will be possible to download and upload images, music and videos from Microsoft Edge on Xbox One; All downloaded content will be found in the File Explorer application. The browser will have other functions such as read aloud and autocomplete.

The spring update will also add new features for Clubs, open tournaments, among other things. For now, users of Xbox Insider can now download this update and will be available later for other players. Check all the details on Xbox Wire.

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