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Games News - Square Enix reveals Valkyrie's teaser Profile: Lenneth

The title of PSP could be back this year

We have not heard from Valkyrie Profile , Square Enix RPG series for quite some time now . However, everything changed today, as the company unveiled a mysterious teaser from Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth .

Unfortunately, the video does not reveal much about the surprise Square Enix prepares. The only thing we know is that something related to the franchise will come at some time this year.

In case you do not remember, Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth debuted in 2006 for PSP. It is an improved version of the original Valkyrie , which came to PlayStation in 1999. Then, I leave you the teaser:

Before this announcement, the community believes that the company could work in a remake or a remastering of Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth . There are also possibilities that it is a completely new delivery for consoles of current generation.

Through a statement, Square Enix said that soon there will be more information about this project. Meanwhile, the company has already opened the game's Twitter account .

Apparently, the original development team works on it, as the teaser mentions Kou and Yoh Yoshinari, who were the character designers of the first installment. Also, the name of the composer Motoi Sakuraba appears.

One of the most recent titles of the franchise was Valkyrie Anatomy: The Origin , mobile game.

Do you think it's a remastering, remake or a new game? Tell us in the comments.


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