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Games News - REPORT: new Battlefield will be placed in World War II

Recent information indicates that the game will be Battlefield V

It is a fact that DICE and Electronic Arts are already working on a new release of Battlefield . However, for now we do not know much about the project, which will be presented at EA Play 2018 . Fortunately for his fans, a new report reveals some new features of this title.

According to VentureBeat , the next game in the series will return to World War II. As you remember, Battlefield 1 takes us to the First World War, so it is somewhat normal that the new delivery places us once again in one of the most important conflicts in history.

The report claims that the title was known internally in Electronic Arts as Battlefield 2 . However, new information indicates that the game will be called Battlefield V . VentureBeat indicated that the data comes from reliable sources that preferred to remain anonymous.

The report also states that it is a completely new delivery and not a remastering. Also, it is mentioned that the game will be ready for this year. On the other hand, the media indicated that the rumors about the arrival of Battlefield: Bad Company 3 are not true.

This game could come later, but for now it appears that Electronic Arts and DICE dealing with Battlefield V . It is not superfluous to say that the companies have not confirmed the information. So the game that they will reveal this year could be different both in their name and in their temporary location.

What is a fact is that companies are prepared to reveal the title. This is because his presentation trailer is already in production .

What do you think about the new details of the project? Are you excited about the idea of ​​returning to World War II? Tell us in the comments.


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