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Games News - Nintendo will close StreetPass stations in Japan

Now it will be a bit more difficult to complete the Mii Plaza games

One of the features that make the Nintendo 3DS a unique console is StreetPass. It is an option that seeks to motivate people to carry the laptop everywhere to reward them every time they meet another individual who loads their 3DS. To make it easier to get these awards, Nintendo opened StreetPass centers in some parts of the world and unfortunately, many of them will close soon.

Through its website , Nintendo announced that StreetPass stations in Japan will close on March 28, 2018. So far, the company has not revealed if it plans to do the same with all StreetPass stations in the world, but it seems like it's a matter of time for that to happen.

If you have never had the opportunity to visit a StreetPass station, we tell you that these are places where you can do StreetPass with players who have visited them before you. So, it's a simple way to do StreetPass when only a few people get their 3DS out on the street.

Undoubtedly, many will see this decision as a nail in the coffin of Nintendo 3DS, console that seems to go out since the Nintendo Switch debuted. Contrary to what the public thinks, Nintendo claims to be committed to its laptop , a fact that has been demonstrated with releases. We'll see how much more life is left to the popular console.

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