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Games News - Nintendo does not plan hardware upgrade for Switch

The company is more interested in creating new peripherals for the console

Switch is a couple of days from its first year in the market. For this reason, there are those who think that a revision of the console at the hardware level is close. However, everything indicates that Nintendo is not interested at the moment in offering a new version of Switch.

Through a report by The Wall Street Journal , via Wccftech, it was confirmed that the company has no plans, at the moment, for a Switch 2.0. This as they seek to explore new uses of the current system with new peripherals.

As you will remember, the company previously stated that it will develop more accessories for its system. The first stage of this project is Nintendo Labo and its Toy-Con collection.

At the moment there are no further details of the peripherals in development for the hybrid console. Nintendo is currently focusing on the manufacture and distribution of the initial Switch model. This is because they want to consolidate their market in different regions. So, apparently this year there will be no news at the hardware level.

The community already imagined some concepts for the next version of Switch. What we are referring to is that a group of enthusiasts showed their Mini Switch prototype . It is very likely that we will see a revision of the console in the future, especially since Nintendo said it will support it for more than 6 years .

In related news, the console returned to the top of the sales top in Japan . On the other hand, Nintendo enabled game reviews for console users. However, shortly after suspended the function .

What improvements would you like to see in a hardware revision of the console? Tell us in the comments.


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