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Games News - Message from Blizzard suggests the arrival of Diablo to Switch

Fans expect to see the game on the Nintendo hybrid console

Attention Nintendo Switch user, it seems that Blizzard Entertainment is preparing good news, as the study showed a cryptic message that seems to be related to the hybrid console and the Diablo franchise .

We explain. Blizzard placed a video on Twitter of only 6 seconds where we see the famous Devil demon in a small lamp while someone turns it on and off. This refers to the English verb "switching", which in turn could be a hidden message related to Switch. The tweet is accompanied by the phrase "Sweet dreams".

As expected, Blizzard fans on Twitter lost their minds and it was there when they began speculation about the arrival of Diablo to Nintendo Switch. The truth is that there is nothing concrete at the moment, and it would be best to wait until an official announcement by the companies.

Without a doubt, this would be an incredible news for Switch and Diablo fans . Blizzard forgot Nintendo for a long time, because the last game that launched for a console company was StarCraft on Nintendo 64, in 2000. If true, this would mark the return of companies to collaborate on a title.

The last game of the franchise was Diablo III that came out in 2012 and came first to PC and then was available on the consoles of Microsoft and Sony. If it becomes a reality, we are likely to see a port of this title instead of a totally new game for the Nintendo console.

This would be a big step, since Blizzard has been clear with the games that it can and can not take to other platforms. In April of 2017, director Jeff Kaplan explained that it was difficult to take Overwatch to Switch , however, he left the door open for the future. On the other hand, game designer Dean Ayala was very clear and ruled out that the company has plans to launch a Hearthstone port on the Nintendo hybrid console


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