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Game Dev Tycoon adds piracy situations and the Ninvento Swap

The update will simulate problems faced by developers

Despite being a successful industry, the development, publication, and distribution of video games involve processes that are not free of difficulties of all kinds. This environment has been simulated by Game Dev Tycoon, a title developed by Greenheart Games, which has been available for years and which is now giving something to talk about thanks to its recent update.

Game Dev Tycoon received its new update, which turns the industry simulator into version 1.6 and integrates a new and peculiar game mode: Pirate Mode. This game mode simulates an environment of development, publication, and distribution affected by piracy where the player will have to face difficulties and make decisions that, despite being seen as quick solutions, could have negative effects for the company that has been created to medium-long term. An example of this is the possibility of adding DRM protection technology to your titles, although this could provoke harsh criticism from consumers, resulting in a decrease in sales.

The Game Dev Tycoon update will also simulate adverse financial situations where the player will have to sell company stock or even modify his art to try to survive in an environment that is not favorable at that time.

Finally, the update of the simulator will bring a new platform to develop, which will be inspired by the successful Nintendo Switch, although in the game it will be called Ninvento Swap.

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