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Gabe Newell revealed details about Artifact: The Dota Card Game

The game will not be free-to-play and will have its microeconomic environment

Although last year the Valve fans complained bitterly after the announcement of Artifact: The Dota Card Game , the development of the game went on its way and today Gabe Newell revealed new details of the card title.

According to an IGN report , in a private media session, Gave Newell, president of Valve, revealed information related to the new card game Artifact: The Dota Card Game , which is scheduled to debut at the end of 2018. Start Newell revealed that Artifact is not a DOTA 2 card game , it is only based on some elements of the MOBA and its relationship with it was for convenience. The above does not imply that there is no link between both games, because, according to the president of Valve, the content of the card game could reach the MOBA.

On the other hand, Newell informed that Artifact will not be a free-to-play game and will have high production volumes, fresh mechanics for the genre and an artificial intelligence system that will teach users to play. At the same time, the manager assured that the experience related to the assembly and preparation of the decks will be social and competitive. In addition, he confirmed that the title will have its own workshop and market, just like in DOTA 2 , implementing a microeconomy supported by the players' creations.

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