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Fortnite will have a special event at E3 2018

Celebrities against professional players! Who will win this battle 50 vs 50?

During the celebration of E3 2018, in the middle of next June, Epic Games will face 50 celebrities against 50 professional players of Fortnite in a great pitched battle that will be broadcast worldwide. This masterful party, as they have defined themselves, will be the prelude to the first season of a competitive game that will receive this successful Battle Royale.

"The teams will be face to face at the premiere of Fortnite: professionals against celebrities in Los Angeles during E3", has informed this veteran studio responsible, among others, of the Unreal saga. "Only one team will win and have the right to show off, will you claim the masterly victory?"

The first time Fortnite offered battles 50 vs 50 was at the end of last year when a massive pitched battle starring 100 players began as part of a big special event. Epic Games could repeat play during the next E3 in Los Angeles, although they have not yet offered details about it.

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