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Fortnite: Battle Royale was developed in two months

The most popular video game of the moment ruled out being free-to-play.
Fortnite already generates 126 million dollars a month and also triumphs in numbers of viewers in Twitch. Its success is undoubtedly due to the implementation in early fall of the battle-royale mode. But ... how long did it take to develop it? According to Epic Games very little, it only cost two months to cost the company.

"We started working on this [battle-royale] shortly after the release of Save the World," began Ed Zobrist, editing director at Epic Games. "Two months in development, let's do the accounts, the battle-royale was released on September 26, and the world was saved on July 21," Zobrist reasoned in the GDC 2018. Obviously the base video game presented facilities to give the genre to its mechanics and in addition, it counted on the estimable aid of the equipment of Unreal Tournament.

PCGamer, a medium that echoes these statements, also reports how Fortnite: Battle Royale was originally going to be part of Saving the World, an optional PvP mode designed to satiate players with competitive desires. Finally, it was not like that and it came as free-to-play. The reason? Fortnite: Saving the world is in early access - with a view to free launch this year - and Epic Games did not see fit to put a $ 40 barrier to the battle-royale.

In 3DJuegos we are debating this week, through a new Checkpoint, about the fashion and the future of the battle-royale genre, with proposals such as PUBG and the present Fortnite reaching huge numbers of simultaneous players.

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