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Fortnite and El Rubius: The most watched live show in the history of videogames

More than a million people followed the game YTBattle Royale live with a hundred YouTubers from their account.

We have not echoed the organization of the game Fortnite YouTubers because, generally, we do not publish the adventures of these. However, last night broke the world record of a streaming on video games, so it seems little more than an obligation to talk that more than a million people followed live the game of Rubius in the shooter of Epic Games.

If a few days ago the well-known YouTuber Ninja exploded Twitch with a direct from Fortnite with rapper Drake with more than 600,000 people following him live and breaking the record of the platform, now it has been The Rubius who has exceeded one million people watching simultaneously your departure.

It was intuited that the thing could end in a phenomenon when Ruben Doblas himself, less than a week ago, the real name of El Rubius, encouraged all the Spanish-speaking YouTubers to join a championship for which they ended up participating more than a hundred the best known and followed of Spain and Latin America.

At the time of publication of this news, his direct TOURNAMENT OF YOUTUBERS #YTBattleRoyale exceeds 15 million reproductions, a scandalous figure when 12 hours have not passed since its broadcast, and reached peaks like those mentioned above one million people. The grand finale was the victory of G2ocelote over Lolitofdez, two names that are really known among the Fortnite community.

Fortnite's own Twitter account has echoed the news, with several messages making it clear that " this is incredible " and with applause for the data.

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