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For now there is no version of Shenmue 3 planned for Switch

Yu Suzuki, the creator of the series, talks about the interest in an edition of the title for Nintendo Switch.

In recent times many video games are adding to the success of a video game that is sweeping sales, and is that analysts believe that Nintendo Switch would reach 200 million units sold worldwide. The last one that could be added to your catalog? A Shenmue III to which fans request a version for Nintendo Switch.

Yu Suzuki, in a conversation with the portal, has talked about some characteristics of Shenmue 3 as its combat system or its development and, moreover, about the possibility of seeing it in the Nintendo video game console.

" For now not, " said the executive and creative when asked if this possibility is between the plans of the study with a "for now" that, logically, has aroused the interest of fans to not completely rule out this possibility.

Shenmue III, remember, is released at a time yet to be determined this year on PC and PS4.

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