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Flynn & Freckles and Rascal Revolt premiere on PS4

They are two productions born within PlayStation @ Talents Madrid.

The national production adds these two days two interesting video games in the PS4 PlayStation Store. They are Flynn and Freckles and Rascal Revolt, a 3D platform inspired by the classics of the genre in the 90s and a colorful non-violent cooperative character shooter, respectively. The first was launched on March 21 at 14.99 euros, while the second did the same on March 26 for 29.99 euros.

Flynn and Freckles will also arrive on Steam on a date to be determined and is described as a thrilling adventure starring a pirate in search of a great treasure loaded with levels with platforms, puzzles, exploration and combat against multiple enemies. Rascal Revolt is presented as a cooperative action and shooting video game - for four players - set in a theme park "in which you must finish with the evil toys that have stolen your sweets".

Both proposals have among their strengths a colorful and very careful environment, betting one for pirate environments and the second for varied environments to enjoy with family and friends. The titles are supported by the PlayStation®Talents Games Camp Madrid initiative, one of seven development nurseries of the Sony PlayStation @ Talents program in Spain.

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