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Fares wants A Way Out to inspire AAA games

The creative think that companies and studios should take more risks

As it progressed in its development process, A Way Out was highlighted by media and players due to its peculiar mechanics and the quality that showed a title belonging to the EA Originals program and far from the environment of an AAA game. This expectation was fueled by the attitude taken by Josef Fares, creator of the game, who decided to give free rein to his ideas and risk, as he told in a recent interview.

In an interview for GamesIndustry, Jose Fares spoke about the creation of A Way Out and the risks he took to realize his ideas. Initially, the creator called on AAA companies and studios to take more risks: "It would be good for everyone, I hope this inspires AAA games to improve their story and their gameplay." At the same time, Fares addressed his commitment to the title and the risk that taking a cooperative experience made: "I love taking risks, like the fact that it's just a cooperative game." From the beginning, people told me it was something dangerous, that would not sell well, but I did not care, that was the idea and we followed that path ".

Although Fares expressed himself in favor of taking risks in the development of games, he was also aware that there must be a balance and a relationship of trust between the distributor and the creator, to ensure that large investments deliver great results. In that sense, he considered that a good example of that is the relationship between Naughty Dog and Sony Interactive Entertainment because the company has taken risks on many occasions and even considered The Last Of Us was one of the biggest. According to the creative, the delivery of good results goes through the commitment to the project and ensured that this should be the basis even if it has a budget of $ 100 MDD.

Finally, Jose Fares declared that his call to take risks should not be understood as critical and, according to his perspective, that should be the way to follow to grow the industry: "I'm not pointing to anyone, but I think we all have responsibility in Distributors, developers, journalists, players, everyone, we need to work together to push for a better gaming community, is not that what we want, better games?

What do you think about the position of Josef Fares regarding the development of games?

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