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Fares: EA will not win a single dollar with A Way Out

The creative talked about the support that the company has given him

A Way Out, the cooperative game created by Josef Fares and developed by Hazelight, will debut in a few days on PS4, Xbox One, and PC and as its release approaches new details about its development are revealed. On this occasion, the creator of the game spoke about the support he has received from Electronic Arts and ensured that all the income generated will remain with the development team.

In an interview for GameSpot, Josef Fares, creator of A Way Out, referring to the relationship that Hazelight has with EA as the game was developed within its EA Originals program, which is designed to support projects that can go further beyond what is offered by an independent title. In this regard, Fares assured that the company has supported the project at all times and, in terms of business, will not receive any income leaving everything to the developers: "EA has supported us a lot." If they wanted the project to go unripe, it could Say no. The deal with EA Originals gives 100% of the income to the developers and they will not win a single dollar with the game. "

Later, Fares referred to his passion for the development of video games and, in that sense, he mentioned that there would be no way for the company to change his mind once the style of the game was decided: "I am a passionate guy, I believe in what I do If someone told me 'it takes $ 10 million to convert A Way Out into a single player game, I would say no, of course, distributors are wrong sometimes, and EA is a great company that has many investors and many reasons to do things like that, we all make mistakes, but for me, EA has been incredible, very good people. "

A Way Out will debut on March 23 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC

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