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Far Cry 5 will not have loot boxes, but microtransactions

You can use real money to buy cosmetic objects

In recent months it seems that it is a fact that every important release AAA will arrive accompanied by loot boxes, however, with Far Cry 5 things will be different. What we are referring to is that Ubisoft confirmed that their game will not present this monetization system, although it will have microtransactions.

A spokesman for the company told PC Gamer that Far Cry 5 will not have loot boxes and no other lucky system involving microtransactions. That does not mean that all your post-release content will be free, since you will have a Season Pass and products that can be purchased with real money.

According to the source, the Far Cry 5 microtransactions will allow you to buy Silver Bars (at the moment its price is unknown), currency of the game that is used to acquire weapons, vehicles, clothing and skins. That said, the Silver Bars will also be available at different points in Hope County, so you can get this content without paying real money. That said, at the moment it is a mystery if this currency will be a finite resource in the world of Far Cry 5 .

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We take advantage of the fact that we talked about Far Cry 5 to tell you that recently they released an amazing live action advance that tells us the origins of Joseph Seed, the prophet that changed the lives of the inhabitants of Hope County. On the other hand, the company showed a series of advances focused on Far Cry 5 villains .

Far Cry 5 will arrive on March 27 to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. 

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