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Fans of Nintendo went crazy with the Super Smash Bros. announcement for Switch

The fighting game will come this year

There are few games that have the ability to excite the community as much as Super Smash Bros does. This is why yesterday many fans who attended the Nintendo World Store in New York, United States to see the Direct went crazy when it was announced that Mario, Link and more will return to the battlefield.

The Nintendo Direct yesterday afternoon was not bad: Nintendo announced the expected remake of Luigi's Mansion; showed a new collection of Wario Ware minigames; revealed a port of Captain Toad and shared the release date of several titles. That said, after the first paid DLC was shown for Splatoon 2 it seemed like no major surprise would come, but everything changed when Nintendo revealed that it still had something up its sleeve.

Suddenly, a couple of Inklings fighting on a stage very similar to the Splatoon revelation trailer appeared on the screen. Nintendo had just announced DLC for Splatoon 2, so a third delivery or a type of port for 3DS of the original seemed preposterous. There were a hustle and bustle with the voices of the community discussing what was happening until an enlightened one got the focus and shouted: "It's Smash! It's Smash! "A few seconds later their suspicions were confirmed and the fans could not contain their excitement, which increased even more when it was announced that the new Super Smash Bros. will arrive this year to Nintendo Switch.

Do you want to see how this moment was lived? Then check some videos that the community uploaded to YouTube:

Although at first glance they may seem like little, the reality is that videos like these show us the power of video games to rejoice and unite as a community. The reaction of these players was not very different from that of some fans when their team hits a goal or the audience of a concert when the band plays their most famous song. That is, it was a magical moment that only those involved can understand.

Super Smash Bros . for Nintendo Switch it will arrive before the end of the year and Masahiro Sakurai is involved in its development. 


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