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Executive: Switch does not have Netflix app because it is not a priority for Nintendo

The Japanese company is focused on games

Since the launch of the Nintendo Switch last year, users have requested that the hybrid console receive a Netflix application. Now, the streaming company talked about this situation.

Last month, Netflix said they had no plans to launch an application for Switch, although he made it clear that there is an intention to speak with Nintendo about this issue. Well, the Netflix executive, Scott Mirer, in charge of partnerships with other companies to bring Netflix to different devices, said that the Japanese company is more focused on games than on the video section.

"In the case of Switch, they [Nintendo] were not very focused on launching the use of video, but in the case of games, the video was not a priority for them," said Mirer. "Whether that changes over time, we have an excellent relationship with them and we see a possibility in Switch, each of us has an opportunity cost in this case, but at some point, it could happen."

So, it seems that it will be a while before Netflix reaches Switch. While the Nintendo system was built to play, the truth is that there is great potential in the videos on demand. Proof of this is that the hybrid console has support for Hulu.

Fortunately, Netflix lovers can keep track of their favorite series and movies on other devices and consoles, including the Wii U.


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