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Epic and spectacular! Follow the Warhammer live show: Vermintide 2

The 3DJuegos team faces Skaven and Chaos in this successful cooperative action game.

Just released on PC and has already achieved a great sales success! If you wonder why, and the analysis of Warhammer: Vermintide II is not enough to solve your doubts, the team of 3DJuegos is armed with courage to face the fearsome hordes of ratmen and the armies of Chaos in a new streaming on direct.

Developed by Fatshark Games, this cooperative PC action video game, which in the coming months will also land on consoles, confronts four heroes with countless waves of enemies in a variety of scenarios set in the bloody Warhammer universe. With their own special abilities, players must lean on each other to survive the fierceness of melee battles in which the minimum error is paid with life.

In addition to the numerous infantry troops, the Chaos and Skaven armies have special units that will put Warhammer fans on the verge: Vermintide II. If fighting against a Chaos Spawn or an Ogre Rat does not seem enough to you, do so while you also survive the storms called by the sorcerers or the machine gun fire of the ratmen. It is a sight worth seeing, that's why the 3DJuegos newsroom accepts the challenge of surviving this hell. Where to enjoy it?

On this page. It will be today at 17:00 (in Spain). From here we provide you the slots so you can check when the Warhammer live show begins: Vermintide II in the place of the world in which you reside.

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