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EarthFall: ESRB filters information from the PC, PS4 and XOne shooter

Your cooperative action against aliens will allow us to use pistols, machine guns or explosives.

A few days ago we presented EarthFall a shooter HoloSpark for PC, PS4 and Xbox One which goes on sale on 27 April this year. It is true that the game has been in Early Access since April of last year, so anyone who has been able to try it will already be aware of some of its contents, however, the ESRB has filtered some more data.

For example, this age rating agency has made it clear that the title has "blood, some obscene language, and violence", which has allowed it to obtain a Teen restriction very far from any for adults that would have prevented it from reaching a large public.

Why? "This first-person shooter makes fans stand in the shoes of survivors battling alien creatures," they explain about EarthFall. "They will face them through cities, but also the nature of the American Northwest."

They also go into details about the clashes. "The players will use pistols, shotguns, machine guns and explosives to fight against the creatures in frantic combats ", they continue. "Enemies often emit large amounts of alien blood when they are hit by bullets or killed, and this stains walls and floors." In addition, they also mention some other bad word.

The EarthFall cooperative shooter is designed for up to four players and will appear on April 27 on PC, and throughout 2018 on PS4 and Xbox One.

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