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EA creates an AI capable of playing Battlefield 1

This artificial intelligence continues to learn from its mistakes.

It has always been one of the aspects that most headaches has generated among developers: create an artificial intelligence that surprises players, who knows how to respond to their actions efficiently, and that has been one of the bases on which worked in the Search for Extraordinary Experiences division of Electronic Arts; give life to an AI that can not only play against other fans in the spectacular Battlefield 1 , but learn from their mistakes, that constantly reinvent their way of facing the fight.

From EA they take out chest. "Although it is inferior to human players, the AI is quite skilled in the basic game of Battlefield, the agent changes behavior if he has little health or ammunition, and although the more complex behaviors like knowing the details of each map are, for now, too, we have discovered that while human players surpassed the agents, they did not do so with an overwhelming difference, "the report from the company.

A video already allows us to see in action this artificial intelligence that, although it is true, responds efficiently to immediate threats, sometimes loses direction; Especially when you should think about the future, what to do next. The most important thing is that this AI does not stop learning. Each game involves acquiring new combat strategies, new ways of responding to war.

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