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Dying Light shows on video its new battle royale mode

Bad Blood is an independent expansion that will debut in 2018.

Techland does not want to lose the opportunity to bring the fantastic universe of Dying Light to the battle royale terrain, and to that end is working on Bad Blood, an independent expansion focused on the multiplayer PvP that proposes to the fans to survive the chaos of this world dominated by the infected ... but also to the action of other players!

It has been the Gamespot portal that offers this first video gameplay of Dying Light: Bad Blood, presenting the main attractions of this expansion that will be available on PC, Xbox One and PS4 throughout the current year but, still, without a release date concrete

In Bad Blood, the players of Dying Light must collect resources with which to make new and better tools to survive the threats of this dark universe created by the authors of Dead Island. The merit of this expansion is that, despite its competitive nature, it is also committed to cooperation: players must help each other to find the blood samples of the infected, which will be the key to escape from the area on board. the helicopter with limited places! This is where the battle royale component of this work comes into play.

They are all friends until they stop being friends. Basically, this could be a good summary of a package of additional content that also introduces powerful final bosses to make things even more difficult.

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