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Destiny 2 updates the frenetism of its action in patch 1.1.4

Bungie details the patch notes of this new version, which can now be downloaded.

Since yesterday afternoon is available in Destiny 2 the update 1.1.4, which as anticipated provides the space shooter dizzying pace. It also introduces, among other things, new playlists and unique rewards for the Ocaso assaults.

"In Destiny 1, people would say - and probably it was true - that we would lower the effectiveness [of the weapons that stand out the most]," says designer Josh Hamrick. "In this update, we have done the opposite, we said 'this is coming out ... let's bring everything else to its level'!"

In a long patch notes , Bungie realizes the many improvements applied to the power of weapons, improvements and adjustments in certain weapon skills, speed of refreshment of character abilities and even the speed of movement, jump and animations when using the super The whole is more frenetic, and seems to have made a good impression among the fans.

However, it is not the only novelty: the Crucible receives a facelift in terms of duration of the game, targets and ammunition boxes. He also receives a rotating playlist that includes Disputa, Chaos and an Iron Banner 6 vs. 6 much more similar to the first game. For those who prefer PvE content, Sundowns assaults receive new unique rewards: the higher our score, the more likely we are to get them.

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