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Death Stranding details its character creation process

Yoji Shinkawa says that working with real actors facilitates their work.

Responsible for the design of characters from the Metal Gear saga , veteran Yoji Shinkawa has spoken about his work in the highly anticipated Death Stranding , noting that the presence of real actors facilitates the process, although it is true the approach is the same that he has done in the adventures of Snake and other video games by Hideo Kojima.

"In all the games we work on we do things very naturally, we just do what we want to do," said the Japanese artist. "For example, with Metal Gear Solid we do not think 'we are going to sell a lot', it is something that happened naturally, the main thing is that we created the games that we would like to play and we created the worlds that we like", continues Shinkawa.

On Death Stranding, starring actors such as Norman Reedus or Mads Mikkelsen, he says that working "with real actors is easier for me." I begin by getting to know the actors and, thanks to that, I can get an idea of the kind of people they are. and the roles they are going to assume, then I create the image of the whole character. "

Death Stranding, which was shown for the last time at The Game Awards gala, does not yet have a specific release date.

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