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Dead by Daylight promises a year full of new content

There will be new maps, survivors, murderers and a new progression system.

The next month of June marks two years since the launch of Dead by Daylight and, far from concluding the trip, the Behavior Interactive team promises to continue providing new content to this popular horror video game with asymmetric multiplayer. When? Starting in June, the third year of additional content will begin with new survivors, maps, and assassins among other novelties.

"Our team has grown too. We started the game with 30 developers and now we are more than 75 creative minds looking for new ways to hunt! ", Say those responsible for Dead by Daylight, totally grateful to their" passionate community "that has been there for two years. The news? There will be four new survivors and as many murderers and maps.

Behavior Interactive is also preparing a new progression system that will allow players to unlock murderers and survivors with game time. Cosmetic objects will not be lacking, without effects on the playable, which in the same measure can be obtained with game time, without the need to invest money. The authors of Dead by Daylight will reinforce the fight against cheaters and also improve the tutorial, to better explain the basics of the game to new users.

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