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CryTek presents the news of its CryEngine 5.5

It has 260 improvements, corrections and power increases for the graphics engine.

Moments of change in Crytek with the recent departure from the studio of its founder, Cevat Yerli, but that does not mean that the development team stops its support for one of its most recognizable works: the CryEngine graphics engine that presents its revision 5.5 in the framework of the Game Developers Conference.

The main novelties are improvements in the land system, progress in the SVOGI (its dynamic lighting system that can now work in consoles), a new accessory for the gaming platform, increments of what users can create in C # and, In addition, a program of ten chapters to familiarize the inexperienced with the use of the engine.

"CryEngine 5.5 represents our focus on maximizing the benefits of using this graphics engine," explains Collin Bishop, one of the product managers responsible for the creators of the Crysis series and the first Far Cry. "The arrival of the CryEngine certification program and the new source codes for publishers will allow developers around the world to work seamlessly with our toolkit, in a model that fits all sizes and equipment."

What do you mean? The German study, in addition, has announced a new licensing model of 5% royalties for CryEngine, and a model that will only start to cost money to those who use Cry Engine 5 from the $ 5,000 in revenue.

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