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Crossout receives important improvements in its PvE mode

The April Fool's Day event enhances its competitive edge.

The popular Crossout has received an important update with many improvements for its facet PvE, in addition to welcoming a new April Fool's Day event with novelties in its competitive aspect. "Instead of the previously known single-phase missions, players can now participate in a multitude of complex and rewarding scenarios within the Raids, each with its own history, enemies, and tasks," reports the Targem Games team.

After this update of Crossout, the new Raid system offers a "much more challenging and fun" experience, with missions in which you have to take into account more actions to survive the attacks of enemies. At the moment there are 8 individual Raids, but progressively new ones will be added.

To celebrate the Day of the Innocents, Crossout has enhanced its PvP side, selecting the best creations of the fans, who have perfected with a few touches. "From March 30 to April 2, players can face a special Brawl against the creations of these players but you will not know what your vehicle will be until shortly before the battle begins," they confirm. "And although you will not be sure if you're going to get on a dragon that spits fire, a school bus armed with a howitzer or something else, what is certain is that you will not miss any action."

Those who participate in this event will receive special stickers, as well as decorations for their vehicles that can only be obtained during the event.

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