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Criterion: Burnout Paradise was ahead of its time

Matt Webster expressed the motivation for the release of the remastering

On March 16, fans of speed, frantic action, and arcade-style will start a new adventure with an old acquaintance, Burnout Paradise Remastered, which will debut on PS4 and Xbox One. The arrival of the remasterización offers a new opportunity to exploit the characteristics of the original game in the current environment and this has motivated Criterion, who consider that the game was ahead of its time.

In an interview for VG24 / 7, Matt Webster, general manager and executive producer of Criterion, spoke about what it means for the studio team to launch Burnout Paradise Remastered. At the beginning, Webster highlighted the effort that Criterion has put to bring the title to this era, after the original debuted in 2008, and the characteristics that, according to his perspective, will enrich the gaming experience: "We have put so much in Burnout Paradise You can play it as an arcade racing title, you can play it online in a competitive environment, there is the classification system for specific races, there are Freeburn challenges, which are social and cooperative experiences for up to 8 players and we have the following of rivalries. .

At the same time, the manager explained that the reason why Criterion decided to do a remastering of Burnout Paradise was that they consider it as a game whose characteristics could be exploited at present in a better way: " Burnout Paradise had so many things ahead of its time. and has features that are still valid today, in the same way as 10 years ago, especially the online environment. "

Finally, Webster said that thanks to the experience that Criterion currently has and the upcoming launch of Burnout Paradise Remastered, the studio feels motivated to do new things, however, it preferred not to disclose more information.

Burnout Paradise Remastered will arrive on March 16 on PS4 and Xbox One, on PC it will do so later.

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