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Cory Barlog clarifies if God of War will have microtransactions

The exclusive for PS4 will arrive next month

This week leaked a photograph of a God of War event that caused rumors to circulate that Santa Monica and Sony implemented microtransactions in this adventure. Before this, Cory Barlog, director of God of War, decided to clarify the situation.

The image we are discussing presents what appears to be the character status menu of God of War and in its upper corner appears what is supposedly some kind of currency. This ignited the alarms of many fans, so some decided to contact Barlog to make a comment about it and his response was direct and clear: God of War will not have microtransactions.

So, everything seems to indicate that fans can be calm and that God of War will not present a monetization system with micropayments. Having said that, we still have several doubts about the currency that appears in the image, but it is more likely that later on, we will share details about its function and the way in which we can obtain it.
Although years ago it seemed impossible for a single-player release to have microtransactions, it is a trend that has changed in recent years. We see this with recent releases such as Assassin's Creed: Origins and Middle-earth: Shadow of War, which present models of monetization and progression that seek to keep players engaged so they spend recurrently.

How about? Do you think microtransactions would have ruined the experience? Tell us in the comments.

We take advantage of the fact that we talked about God of War to tell you that Sony confirmed that it will launch a special edition of PlayStation 4 Pro to celebrate its debut. On the other hand, we think you'll be interested to know that recently they shared more details about the new adventure of Kratos, as it is inspired by 80's fantasy films and that its creators preferred to give priority to quality and not quantity.

God of War will be released on April 20 exclusively for PlayStation 4 and will arrive next to a collectors edition. Follow this link to see more news related to him.


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