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Confirmed ARK Survival Evolved for Nintendo Switch, will arrive in 2018

It will include the same options as in PC, PS4 and Xbox One, the existing versions.

Studio Wildcard has for some time been dropping its interest in bringing ARK: Survival Evolved to Nintendo Switch, and finally, it has come true. The ambitious survival sandbox set on an island full of dinosaurs will land on the Nintendo hybrid console sometime next fall.

At the moment, there is no technical information on this version of the program, but its managers say that it will not cut content and that it will be equivalent in this sense to the other platforms where it is available; this is PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

After a long period of early access, ARK: Survival Evolved went on sale as a complete game last year on the major desktop platforms. Recently, Studio Wildcard confirmed that there is an ARK version on the way for mobile, under the hands of Ward Drum Studios.

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