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Commercial of Gran Turismo Sport broke advertising rules of the United Kingdom

British authorities say the advertising was misleading

Some time ago, Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe aired a Gran Turismo Sports commercial on UK television, which apparently brought more problems than benefits. What we are referring to is that the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), the advertising regulatory body in the United Kingdom, determined that it is advertising that can be considered deceptive.

What happened was the following: the commercial that was broadcast on October 23 presented a selection of cars and tracks, among which there were some that can only be accessed by connecting the console to the Internet. So, the problem that the ASA found is that the ad never specified that an Internet connection and a PlayStation Network account were required to get some of the content displayed.

Given this, Sony replied that an Internet connection is not necessary to play Gran Turismo Sport and ensured that in the offline experience there is the same gameplay and a similar track to the commercial view. He also defended himself by ensuring that the vast majority of PS4 users in the United Kingdom connected to the Internet between October 1 and October 31 and that a PSN membership does not represent an additional expense.

These arguments were not enough to convince the ASA, since the organism believes that, although they know the benefits of connecting the console to the Internet, consumers expect most of the content to be on the disc. Thus, they believe that it is misleading advertising by not specifying that an Internet connection is required to get this content.

It is important to note that Sony will not be punished or fined for this. In fact, the only thing the company will have to do is ensure that this commercial does not reissue in its current state. That is, you must edit it to mention the need for an Internet connection.

What do you think of this situation? Do you consider it deceptive advertising? Tell us in the comments.

Gran Turismo Sport is available exclusively for PlayStation 4


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