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Code of Princess EX will arrive at Switch this year

The title originally debuted for 3DS in 2012

Nicalis said last year that he worked in more ports for Switch . The company did not fully reveal the projects it was developing, but many expected a new version of Code of Princess , a title that reached 3DS in 2012.

If you are one of them, we have good news for you. Nicalis recently revealed Code of Princess EX for the hybrid console. This port will be ready for the summer of this year. It will be distributed in both physical and digital formats at a price of $ 39.99 USD.

The side-scrolling action title will have some improvements upon its arrival at Switch. Code of Princess EX will have a redesigned look, improved artificial intelligence, balance adjustments, a new progression system and an optimized overall gameplay.

To share the news, Nicalis revealed the first trailer of this version of the title, as well as its cover for Switch. You can see the video and the image below:

Code of Princess EX will offer you more than 50 playable characters, as well as scenarios created by Kinu Nishimura, a renowned artist who has worked on various Capcom titles.

The game will feature a multiplayer mode both local and online, where you can compete for a place in the leaderboards. The title will put you under the command of Solange DeLuxia, princess who will fight to restore order in the world.

If you do not have any Nintendo console, take into account that Code of Princess is also available on PC, via Steam. It can be yours in exchange for $ 149.99 MXN.

What do you think about the arrival of the title to Switch? Will you give him a chance? Share your comment below.


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