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Classify Super Bomberman R for PS4

The title debuted last year on Nintendo Switch

Super Bomberman R was one of the launch titles for Nintendo Switch. This delivery is maintained until now as an exclusive of the hybrid console; however, everything indicates that it will cease to be so soon.

This is suggested by a Korean gaming classification body, as Super Bomberman R appeared listed for PlayStation 4. It is important to clarify that, for the moment, Konami has not revealed a new version of its title.

Registration does not include a launch on Xbox One or PC; However, if the title comes out of Switch, there are possibilities to see it not only on PlayStation 4. For the moment, we will have to wait to learn more details of this possible release.

It would not be strange to know that Konami contemplates taking Super Bomberman R to more systems. Especially since this installment had the best debut of the franchise in Japan. In addition, its sales in the rest of the world were also acceptable. This was possible since it was one of the first available titles for Switch.

Konami gave him support with various free content, such as maps and characters based on several of his franchises. As if that were not enough, the company also enabled new and intense game modes.

The return of the franchise was not entirely accurate, as the community complained about some problems with the controls and performance drawbacks. If you want to know in detail everything that the title offers you, you can read our review.

Super Bomberman R is available at the moment only in Switch.

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