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Check out the launch trailer for Detective Pikachu

Join Pikachu to solve the mystery of Ryme City

There is good news for Pokémon fans, since from this moment they can play Detective Pikachu on their Nintendo 3DS or 2DS. To celebrate the arrival of the title to the West Nintendo released a launch trailer.

In Detective Pikachu, you take the role of Tim Goodman who will partner with Pikachu to solve a series of strange cases that are happening in Ryme City. Together they will have to investigate, take notes and meet other known Pokémon to solve the mystery.

According to Nintendo, the game features more than 150 animated scenes starring Pikachu, where you can meet other characters such as Pablo Millan, owner of Pikachu's favorite cafe; Frank Holliday, an inspector from the Ryme City Police Department; and Meiko Okamoto, a camera operator of a television studio.

Remember that Nintendo also sold an extra large amiibo from Detective Pikachu. This figure gives you access to all the scenes of the game from the beginning. On the other hand, you can find the new New Nintendo 2DS XL with the face of Pikachu for $ 159.99 USD.

To make matters worse, if you buy Detective Pikachu before April 22 you will receive a theme of this game that will work with the main menu of the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 2DS.

Detective Pikachu is now available for Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 2DS.

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