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Capcom lists balance adjustments and improvements for Monster Hunter World

Among other things, the update will serve to reduce the duration of loading screens.

The special broadcast of Monster Hunter: World last week unveiled, among other novelties, the arrival of a major content update for March 22. In addition to the inclusion of the Deviljho gross wyvern, Capcom lists numerous technical and balance adjustments for its successful role-playing and action game.

Most of these tweaks will improve the performance of various weapons, and affect both their handling and the range or damage produced by different movements. There are also some general program improvements that mainly affect the interface, including new menu options or reducing loading screens.

Monster Hunter: World is available on PS4 and Xbox One. Sometime in the fall, it will also reach PC. Meanwhile, console fans are preparing to play as Devil May Cry's Dante along with other announced events.

General adjustments

  • Reduction of load times.
  • The possibility of customizing the size of the subtitles.
  • Option to "return to the meeting center" after completing a solo mission, "dismantle group and return to the meeting center" in multiplayer.
  • The allies blows do not interrupt the collection of materials animation. No damage cancels this animation after completing the mission.

Weapons settings

  • Improved the damage of several attacks of the greatsword.
  • Improved damage, time and range of longsword skills.
  • Increased the damage of the blow with a shield with sword and shield. It also improves the use of the sling with the weapon drawn.
  • Improved the stunning rate of several of the hammer blows.
  • Improved the effect of the horn melodies to increase the attack.
  • It reduces the loss of sharpening of the pistol spear when firing and increases the damage of the wyvern fire.
  • Increased number of sword ax combos, reduced loss of sharpening elemental discharge and ear protection effect during the same.
  • Improved the effect of the jars for the loading ax.
  • Increased the damage and effect of the elemental extraction of the glaive insect.
  • Improved the handling of the spear.
  • Increased the duration of the demonic mode of the dual leaves.
  • Fixed errors related to the arc.

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