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Brigitte is now available in Overwatch

The new heroine joins the rest of the Blizzard shooter characters since last night and is accompanied by a patch.

Blizzard promised from the beginning a huge and prolonged support for Overwatch, and the truth is that they have not disappointed. Since last night Brigitte is available, a new heroine for the multiplayer shooter of the North American company.

The second daughter of Torbjörn is a support character and has landed in the final hours of the final version of Overwatch for PC, PS4 and Xbox One after passing recent dates in the Public Testing Kingdom, ie the testing area for new characters and functionalities.

Brigitte herself disembarks in the video game accompanied by a succulent patch that fixes abundant bugs and small problems related to interfaces, maps, some characteristics of certain characters and modifies two characteristics of the character Shadow: Both related to the cooling time of two of its functionalities.

Blizzard seems so convinced of the attractiveness of the new character for his formula of action in the first person that has told us lately even how Brigitte herself was created.

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