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Brigitte Overwatch Game will have a skin

The design will arrive soon to the RPP

Brigitte arrived last week at the Overwatch Public Testing Kingdom. As usual, Blizzard Entertainment will gradually add the skins of the character and now we can see one that lives up to his father.

According to the official Twitter of Overwatch, Brigitte will receive a skin inspired by his father Torbjörn very soon. This design has the name of Engineer and instead of the classic armor, we see the heroine with a casual look.

Other important details are that Brigitte has an equal mechanical arm Torbjörn, some googles on the head and a tool belt. We can also see a different design on your shield and weapon. Although there is no information, it will surely be a legendary skin.
For a couple of weeks, Blizzard began to reveal clues about the arrival of the heroine to Overwatch, but it was until February 28 that Brigitte arrived at the RPP. In addition, this weekend he received his first nerf to adjust the skills of his Barrier Shield.

It is very likely that Brigitte's other designs will be revealed in the next few days, so we invite you to follow up. To make matters worse, we know that Widowmaker will receive a skin for the 20th anniversary of StarCraft.

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