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Brigitte from Overwatch has already received her first nerf

Blizzard will continue experimenting with the new heroine

This week, Blizzard Entertainment revealed that Brigitte Lindholm is the new heroine of Overwatch. At the moment, the character is in the Public Testing Region, where users are putting their balance to the test, that's why they've already received their first nerf.

Apparently, Blizzard realized that Brigitte was very powerful -something that many of us assumed from the beginning- so she decided to modify some of her abilities to give her a more fair fight. Then you can see the changes that were published in the official forums.


  • Added a small delay before your shield disappears after Shield Barrier.
  • Added a vertical speed limit after Barrier Shield.
  • Blizzard continues adjusting this value.


  • When canceling a melee swing, it will not be possible to fight back melee until the time is completed as if it had not been canceled.
  • The cost of the maximum skill increased 30%.


  • Decrease cooling from 2 seconds to 1.5 seconds.

So, these are the first changes for Brigitte, but players should not be surprised if in the following days the study continues to modify the heroin. So far, it seems that the skill that could receive the most changes is its Barrier Shield.

Brigitte Lindholm arrived at the RPP on February 28. During several days, Blizzard was throwing several tracks so that the players generated theories about the next hero of Overwatch, but many already assumed that it was the daughter of Törbjorn and that it would be a supporting character.

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