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Blizzard talks about the possibility of seeing Diablo in Switch

The study sends a confusing message

This week we inform you that Blizzard Entertainment had launched a cryptic message on Twitter that suggested the arrival of Diablo to Nintendo Switch. Now, the study was more direct about this situation.

And when we say that Blizzard was direct we did not talk precisely about the fact that the study clarified the doubts. On the contrary, now the situation seems more confused than at the beginning. The company spoke with Eurogamer to say they can not "confirm this rumor," but they also said, "there is no plan to announce Diablo to Switch."

"We can not confirm this rumor, as of now, we have no plan to announce Diablo for Switch," the study said. "This tweet was meant to be a fun piece of commitment, we have no plan to announce Diablo to Switch."

Although it seems that the company contradicts itself in the same statement, most likely, for the time being, do not plan to make an official announcement. On the other hand, the message on Twitter seems more than clear. It will be best to wait for more details.

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