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BioWare: departure of Karpyshyn will not affect the Anthem story

Representatives of the company assure that the project remains unchanged

Last week we informed you about the decision made by Drew Karpyshyn, a renowned writer for his work in Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2, who reported on his departure from BioWare in the middle of the development process of Anthem, a project of which he was a part. The news ignited the red lights regarding the history section of the next game of BioWare, however, some representatives have talked about the situation and ensure that this does not affect development at all.

Through a publication in his official Twitter account, Casey Hudson, general manager of BioWare, said that the history section has always been very important in the BioWare games and in the case of Anthem will not be the exception, because, At the Karpyshyn exit, the team in charge of the game continues to do an impressive job. Subsequently, Michael Gamble, head of the production at BioWare said that the development of the story is a very important part for the company and that line has been maintained and will continue during the creative processes.

Anthem is in development for PS4, Xbox One, and PC and is expected to arrive in 2019 

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