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BioMutant will have dynamic climate

The game will incorporate some sections of mountaineering

Since BioMutant was announced and advances were offered, it is clear that the game has taken inspiration from Zelda: a breath of the Wild, especially in terms of freedom of movement and interaction with the characters. Based on that inspiration, the development team recently confirmed that there will be some sections of mountaineering and in addition, the game will have a dynamic climate.

As part of an interview for Official PlayStation Magazine, Experiment 101, developers of the role-playing game BioMutant, revealed that the title will have dynamic weather. According to the creatives, the freedom of exploration and advancement will be accentuated by the changes that the climate will undergo, from simple manifestations such as the heat of day and the cold of the night, to portions of territory or rivers that will undergo changes in winter seasons: " Some areas have water and this could turn into ice, which will open the possibility of you going there. "

In turn, the development team confirmed that BioMutant will have some sections dedicated to mountaineering, but access to the high parts of the mountains will not have as much freedom because it will be necessary to have the right equipment to climb, otherwise, some areas they will remain inaccessible.

BioMutant is scheduled to debut before the end of the year the new game published by THQ Nordic that will arrive on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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