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Bethesda puts the launch date on the new Wolfenstein DLC 2

The incredible feats of Captain Wilkins will take us to fight the Nazis in Alaska on March 13.

We already have the release date for the third and, apparently, the last DLC of the fantastic Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus, that next March 13 will expand with the incredible feats of Captain Wilkins, an additional episode that will allow us to fight the Nazis in the lands of Alaska.

"Gerald Wilkins, captain of the US Army, returns home to settle accounts with the invading Nazi forces," reads the message posted on social media by the editor responsible for The Elder Scrolls saga. "The exploits of Captain Wilkins will be available on March 13," they confirm in this brief statement.

This third DLC of Wolfenstein 2 ends the Chronicles of Freedom campaign, which is part of the Season Pass of the Machine Games video game. Each of these additional episodes is played by a different hero, namely Joseph Stallion, Jessica Valiant and the most recent Gerald Wilkins.

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