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BattleTech materializes its launch on April 24

The paradox presents a new trailer for this promising strategy game.

At last, we have a launch date for BattleTech, the new turn-based strategy video game based on this legendary franchise, which returns to the PC world on April 24 with a game developed by the authors of Shadowrun Returns, the independent studio Harebrained Schemes.

Distributed by Paradox Interactive, the editor responsible for Stellaris and Europa Universalis has released a new trailer focused on the story mode of this promising strategy video game that raised nearly three million dollars in its Kickstarter campaign.

"The entire Harebrained Schemes team has been anxiously awaiting the day when we could offer BattleTech to the fans who have waited so long and introduce you to that mix of 'robot battles and deadly political plots between noble houses at an interstellar level'", the veteran Jordan Weisman has declared the person in charge of the study and, also, creator of the universe MechWarrior.

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