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Article - Far Cry 5, fun and reflection on the end of the world

The decision to incorporate a fanatical sect into Far Cry 5 is not fortuitous. It begins with the intention of Ubisoft Montreal to represent a world, the current one, in which we are once again on the edge of the precipice. This gives special interest to a delivery that wants us to reflect on whether there is a solution, on whether we can do something to save the world.

There is a possibility that Far Cry 5 has gone up another step in terms of narrative. This is the most forceful message we received after having tried its first hours. Also after having interviewed Dan Hay , the head of an adventure to face? To understand? To defeat? To a religious sect that has the full conviction that we are facing the end of the world.

That was the principle that Hay maintained throughout the development process, the directive line on which to build the video game. To do this, he hung an image on one of the walls of the offices of Ubisoft Montreal and said: "When you feel lost and do not know which way to go, look at this image". It showed a man on the edge of a precipice, about to fall. It represented all of humanity, fighting to avoid a terrible fate.

"There are moments in history when we find ourselves on the edge of the precipice, of making a catastrophic mistake," commented Hay. That is what is intended to represent in this new installment, in Montana , a place that is no longer in the confines of the world, as it had happened in Far Cry 3 or Far Cry 4 . It is more real, it is closer to us, and it even gives the feeling that it could happen tomorrow ... or maybe it has already happened? We leave here several elements of reflection, supported by the narrative keys of an FC5 that can give a lot of itself.

At the edge of collapse

The narrative of Far Cry 5 owes much to the Cold War, to that conflict between the United States and Russia that could have ended the planet. The nuclear threat (press the red button) plunged the world population into a state of anxiety, fearful of a fatal outcome. Dan Hay told us that he remembered that it was very scary as a child, and it is something that they have tried to reflect in the videogame, that feeling that everything could go to hell at any time.
The only question that arises now is to know if you want to live or disappear along with a world that has never recognized you. There will be only a few left
Joseph's book

A criticism of the United States?

Dan Hay told us that a fear similar to that of the Cold War swept through his body more than a decade ago, probably in reference to the global terrorist conflict, but also two or three years ago, which was when Donald Trump began to emerge as an electoral figure in U.S. When you play Far Cry 5 you realize that there is something of all this in the plot: fanaticism, populism ... blind faith in someone who promises salvation. Hay explains that, however, it is not a message about a particular country, but about the world as a whole.
If you listen to your heart and it is pure, you will join us. You will know us all because we will harvest together, train together, pray and sing together
Joseph's book

The weapons do not solve everything

There is a moment at the beginning of the adventure when someone says that not all problems can be solved with weapons. The conflict with the fanatical sect of the videogame wants us to reflect on the path that humanity is taking: "Now I have the feeling that we are once again on the edge of the precipice, we live in a moment when there is something real in all this that we have ... something that makes us nervous. " The developers have tried to look at the situation with respect, and induce us to do it too, thinking about it and how to avoid a fatality.
We have our faith, our family and our weapons. We will carry forward our great project with blind trust. We will be the pioneers and we will be offered a virgin land
Joseph's book

Think before acting

If you remember, in Far Cry 4, at the beginning, you could wait for the return of Pagan Min, something that ended the adventure. In Far Cry 5 it seems that we will have something similar: "At the beginning of the adventure you have the opportunity to decide". However, it seems that it will go further. Dan Hay explained that there will be characters who will ask us moral questions that will make us think: "Instead of telling you what you have to do, we give you choices." In the end, at Ubisoft Montreal they consider having an interesting debate for users, which they hope they can see.
As I had always felt, those who accepted my message were simple people who knew the great perversity of the world and who suffered it daily. The chosen ones are among them, among which society calls losers
Joseph's book

A more complex villain

Vaas Montenegro (Far Cry 3) was a more physical villain and defended the term of madness. Pagan Min (Far Cry 4) was the typical friend who gives problems, not necessarily intelligent, but contemplative. A more psychological type. But ... what does Joseph Seed entail in Far Cry 5 ? The developers explain that it has "a greater layer of complexity", something that we can confirm after these first hours. It does not look like anything we have seen, and that really causes intrigue.
You deserve to be part of this handful, I know. As clear as they deserve to die, you deserve to live. We are a family, I am your Father and together we will walk to the gates of Paradise
 Joseph's book

What you should know
  • Released on March 27 on PS4, Xbox One and PC.
  • Emerging and systemic enhanced gameplay: more freedom.
  • Online cooperative for 2 players from start to finish.
  • Powerful narrative, importance of decisions and a very complex villain.
  • Progression system modified with respect to other Far Cry.
  • Includes Far Cry Arcade as an additional game modality, an individual, cooperative and multiplayer experience different from the main campaign.

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