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Article - The Council - How is your first chapter?

The Illuminati of the eighteenth century hide something more than power, money or influences: their role, unquestionably, is much darker and more mysterious. Louis de Richet does not even want to surround himself with the wealthiest aristocracy of the time; he only wants to look for his mother, whereabouts unknown. The council of The Council, however, seems to have something for our protagonist.

I see a direct relationship between the success of Life is Strange and the arrival of The Council in the Focus Interactive game catalog. Under the mantle of the always compliant Cyanide, Big Bad Wolf has launched into the territory of the hybrid between cinematic and graphic adventure to which we have accustomed studies such as Telltale or Dontnod. I'm sorry to admit that I'm only speculating, but do you imagine Dontnod knocking on the door of Focus with the idea of Life is Strange under his arm and receiving a refusal to go to Square Enix afterward and succeed? That would bother anyone and justify a premiere like the present.

The Council coincides in the genre with the adventure of Max and Chloe, but nothing more: it is interesting to see something so little explored in the video game industry (except Assassin's Creed, perhaps) as historical fiction, which leads to a mysterious and lonely mansion on a no less inhospitable island during the years of the French Revolution. We take the role of Louis de Richet, who goes to the house of the disturbing Lord Mortimer to know the whereabouts of his mother, Sara de Richet, who has been missing for two weeks in strange circumstances. Once the protagonist steps on the island, everything will change for him, and unusual premonitions will cross his path.

What is the main difference between The Council and any other game of the genre? Basically, the possibility of choosing three different professions for Louis, which will allow us to open new paths and see different points of view for the same story. In the hand of the player is the decision: Will you bet on politics, private investigation or obscurantism? Depending on the clues and paths we take during the adventure itself, we can enjoy a story that is written according to the steps you take in the mansion of Lord Mortimer and his illustrious guests.

At the moment we have only been able to enjoy the first episode of The Council , we will have to be patient during the next weeks to access the other four, but the truth is that we cross our destiny with influential people in the history of humanity like Manuel Godoy or some important politician arrived from American lands, at least, is promising. Be part of the Bilderberg Club of the late eighteenth century, too. In the hands of Big Bad Wolf is to live up to its unbeatable intentions.

We liked
  • Historical fiction with some of the most important characters of the eighteenth century.
  • The game of influences will be capital to find the missing matriarch.
  • The possibility of creating a different story according to the profession of the protagonist.
  • A good ending that mixes politics, research, and supernatural powers.

We did not like it
  • The graphics section is not up to your proposal.
  • The beginning of the adventure may be somewhat slow.
  • Dialectical confrontations are expected to give more of themselves in future chapters.

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